Signing up

It depends on the area you live in. Some areas are extremely busy and require a full time messenger. More rural areas are quiet and may only get a few deliveries each month. If you are in a busy area and only want to work part time, we will call you as a backup when the primary messenger is either too busy or unable to deliver.

Nothing. We will never charge you for signing up to be a messenger.

You will require:

  • A computer/laptop or phone with email and internet connectivity/airtime.
  • Email address and computer/mobile knowledge to receive documents on a daily basis. 
  • A good printer or a print shop nearby to do prints for you. (The majority of prints are b/w but color may be required on rare occasion.)
  • Window envelopes. 110 x 220mm Manilla Seal Envelopes. Each document you receive must be placed in an envelope and sealed before delivering.
  • Bank account for your payments to be deposited into.
  • Reliable Transport. Anything you can get around on. Even a scooter is fine. We don’t recommend using public transport as it will not be cost effective.
  • Any iPhone, Android Tablet (with sim card installed) or Android Smartphone, with camera and GPS capabilities. The majority of camera cellphones today will work. Know how to use your cellphone camera and how to use your phones map app to navigate to a location.
  • Airtime with mobile data internet connectivity. If you run out of airtime, you will need to add more before continuing with deliveries as your GPS co-ordinates are recorded at each recipients address.
  • Proof of delivery app installed onto your smart phone and switched on at all times during deliveries. We will email you further information on this.
  • No criminal record and not under investigation for any criminal offences.

Transport is a prerequisite. You will need some mode of transport, even a motorbike or scooter will suffice. We do not recommend that you use public transport as you will not make enough money to make it worth your time.

Unfortunately a smartphone is a prerequisite. If your cellphone has a camera then it will work with our delivery app.

We always try and keep you in the area where you live or work. If you travel far distances to deliver then it will not be financially beneficial for you. We have an option on the app which says “Out of my delivery area”. If you return the delivery to us with this option, then we will try find a closer messenger to complete it.

Safety is a concern for everyone in South Africa. As you are delivering in your neighborhood, you will know best if you will feel safe in a 20km radius of where you are. We do not recommend that you enter anyone’s property without their permission and certainly not their residence. We also do not recommend delivering anywhere after dark. Most deliveries can be done at the gate or entrance to the property.

As soon as you fill in the application, you will receive an email with further instructions which include downloading an app onto your cellphone and sending us your app number. We then keep your details on our database until we need you. It could be immediately, or if we already have a reliable messenger in your area, then we will contact you as soon as the current messenger is unable to deliver for any reason.

Click here to read our terms and fill in the application form.

You will be a sub-contractor so you will be your own boss and decide what hours you work. That also means expenses will be at your cost including vehicle, fuel, printing, envelopes and airtime. We do recommend ways for you to make the most amount of money from your venture with us. 

Definitely, but you must:
  1. Plan your route to maximize your earnings and minimize the time spent. If you follow the order of deliveries on your phone app, this is done for you to take you to the next closest delivery after the previous one.
  2. Do as many deliveries as you can in one trip. Spreading them out over several trips as opposed to doing them in one trip will cost you more.
  3. For smaller areas, the best is to deliver as/when you will be visiting those areas anyway. Remember we don’t expect you to go far to deliver. Local deliveries only.

The amount of deliveries you will get depends largely on our customers as well as the area you are covering and your efficiency. Some smaller areas may only require the occasional part-time delivery, while busier areas may require a full-time commitment. We have certain time frames between 1 day to 10 days depending on the type of document delivery you receive. There will be overdue delivery penalties for anything delivered after those time frames, and we will lighten your delivery load to ensure you are able to stay within those time frames. 

Getting paid

You will be paid on the 10th of each month (or next working day if it falls on a weekend or public holiday) for every delivery completed the previous calendar month. 

We pay from R32 to R102 per delivery completed, depending on the type of document and number of pages.  The earning potential in a month in a very busy area, if you’re delivering strictly in working hours and only doing the lowest paying deliveries is R32 x 20 deliveries per day x 21 working days in a month  = R13,440.00. Obviously if you’re delivering weekends, and have higher paying deliveries or work longer hours, the earning potential can be more.

Yes, you will receive an email every month with a full list of the deliveries you completed and what you were paid for them.

We pay into any South African bank account. In the first month you start deliveries, you will be asked for your banking details. We recommend that you deposit into your own bank account, as we cannot be held responsible if your family member or friend spends your money, after using their banking details.

Doing deliveries

No, you manage your own schedule but we prefer you do not deliver after dark as the photos don’t come our clearly. We have certain time frames between 1 day to 10 days depending on the type of document delivery you receive. You will need to deliver within the timeframes given, but at any time during the day.

You will be emailed the link to a full manual once you’ve signed up. The manual explains in detail how to work with the app. It is made very easy for anyone to be able to operate.

  1. You must be at the recipients premises when submitting a Proof of Delivery. The GPS co-ordinates and address will be transmitted directly to the customer and Legal Dispatch (Pty) Ltd.
  2. Photos for proof of delivery must not include any person. Photos captured using the software are transmitted directly to the customer and Legal Dispatch (Pty) Ltd. They must be relevant to only that particular delivery.
  3. Photos for proof of delivery must include the number of the house if possible. Also include a photo of the house and if applicable the postbox/gate/door where the letter was delivered to. Where possible, a photo must also be taken of the street name and submitted along with each delivery submission.
  4. No photos may be taken from inside your vehicle, on another screen or from a distance. Photos need to be clear.
  5. First choice is always to get a signature from the recipient or a resident of the address who is over 16 years of age.

Any person living at the given address who is older than 16 years of age can sign. Remember to add the persons name on the app.

You must still deliver to the address given. By law, the document must be delivered to that address and nowhere else, regardless of who lives there now.

If you are delivering to an empty plot, complete the delivery as usual and place the document at the entrance. We deliver to the address given and not to a person or specific house.

Inform messenger support by phone or whatsapp on 065 918 2442 as soon as possible so that we can make alternative arrangements until you are ready to deliver again. Let us know if it is a temporary issue or if you’d like to stop permanently. Your final payment will be made on the 10th as per usual.

Safety is always a factor. Inform messenger support by phone or whatsapp on 065 918 2442 as soon as possible so that we can inform our customer of the issue. As soon as it is safe to do so, reattempt the delivery.

It is always best to take photos before you approach the recipient so that they cannot try and stop you from taking photos thereafter. If you are standing in the street and not on their property, legally nobody can prevent you from taking photos. 

You must not engage in an argument with a recipient. Due to the nature of the letters being delivered, if the recipient becomes confrontational, leave and place the letter in the mailbox on the way out. Make a note on the proof of delivery software of any incidences that occurred at the premises. You are simply the messenger acting within the law. If the recipient gets angry, it is usually because of their own embarrassment.

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